Former tennis player Mardy Fish recently made an appearance to recall the events leading up to his retirement.

His last match on the court was played on a hot Wednesday morning in New York at the Louis Armstrong stadium in Flushing Meadows. The unseeded popular American favorite was engrossed in the field of play and was squaring up to the Spanish opponent Feliciano Lopez in a back breaking campaign.

Fish had lost the second set 6-2 to the Spaniard due to a faulty serve and the crowd was quieted. He went on to have multiple breaks at 2-2 and 3-3 in his fifth set only for his opponent to save them all. As the grueling game drew on, every point won by Fish was met with deafening applause but towards the end of the game, the player had began cramping up and was unable to move, this brought about the realization that these were the final moments of his career and a wide variety of emotion was registered on the faces of the crowd.

The 33-year old player had had a less impressive showing in the last 3 years of his career and this was majorly due to his heart problem and anxiety disorders. However, with a spirit of determination, the tennis star had chosen to compete at the US open because he had chosen to retire on the court. Before the commencement of the tournament, Fish had told reporters in an interview:

“I’m not playing my best by any means. It’s more of a personal thing to go out on my own terms, no one wants to be taken away from the game the way I was.

“What do you do? This is the only thing I’ve done well my whole life and I’ve done it exceptionally well. It’s really personal.”

Fish has since then had a tough battle with anxiety and panic attacks. Unlike many players whose legacies are based on their achievements in the court, Fish’s legacy seems to begin in retirement as he shares his story in a bid to help players in similar predicaments.