2012 not going so great

Whereas players such as Federer, Ferrer and Murray are having the seasons of their lives; playing some of the best tennis of their careers, wowing crowds with their skill and flair and breaking enduring records, Fish does not seem to be experiencing the same good fortune. 2012 has brought him no luck; he is yet to secure any titles and after undergoing a heart operation in May, it is dubious as to whether he will win one this year.

Since his career highlight and break-through year in 2010, where he was playing with confidence, poise and finesse winning 11 straight matches, and securing trophies at Newport and Atlanta back to back, Fish seems to be suffering from a drought when it comes to winning titles.

He started this season at the Australian Open, but failed to make it to the third round, being cast aside by Falla. Following this, he was also unsuccessful in Indian Wells only making it to the third round and a bitter defeat in the quarter finals at Miami prevented him from advancing further in this tournament. Fish’s appearance at Wimbledon was also disappointing; after convincing victories over Hidalgo, Ward and Goffin, he went head to head with Tsonga in the fourth round, and here his running streak ran dry. Fish, currently ranked at number 13, began the match with a punch, securing the first set against the 5th seed Frenchman. However, Tsonga was quick to retaliate and fought back harder and stronger proving too much for the American; Tsonga took the following three sets to take him into the quarter finals.

It would appear this torrent of losses has battered Fish’s confidence as he has decided not to compete in the Olympics. With him undergoing his major heart operation so recently, he will hopefully use this time to recover full fitness, rebuild his confidence to return to his next tournament back on solid form.

Mardy Fish Assured about Future

The highest ranked tennis player from the United States of America for the better part of the last two seasons, Mardy Fish is of the opinion that although American tennis is in the doldrums at the moment, it would be extremely stupid to write off the American players right now. According to Fish, a question that he hears almost wherever he travels to and is about the ill-health of tennis in the country and according to Fish, the answer lies in the current rankings of the ATP.

Looking at the rankings, Fish stated that the problem is that there are not many young players who are coming out of the country at the moment, be it in the men’s or women’s circuit. However, Fish is extremely optimistic about the future of tennis in America and also mentioned the names of a few youngsters who have the potential who have the ability to stop the Spanish and eastern European stranglehold on tennis such as Ryan Harrison, Sam Querrey, Donald Young and John Isner.

Mardy Fish opined that the people were making too much of the situation. It is true that tennis stars like McEnroe, Agassi and Sampras and several others came from the United States of America and as a result their expectation is high but it would not be right to push these youngsters into the limelight straightaway as well.

The 30 year old himself is fit and raring to go after missing a part of last season’s action as well. But he believes that the future lies in the hands of the youngsters who will make a name for themselves just the way he and Andy Roddick did and for the sake of tennis in the United States of America, everyone is hoping that Mardy Fish gets his predictions right.