25 Replies to “Roger Federer vs Mardy Fish ATP masters 1000 Cincinnati 2010 last 2 games & stats”

  1. Mardy Fish, I can help you be #1 tennis player in the world in three years. I have super tennis secret weapon, if you get it, your dream will come true. I am 100% sure. Please see the video of future super tennis star.

  2. warning!!!!! evrywhere he go, nada will place his finger in the ….shole kakakakaka

    Murray or nalbandian beat him like a bitch, because they dont return the ball where nada wait (on his backhand) and because simply they have the forehand and backhand stronger than nada!!!!!!! Federer is maestro, but he dont make a tactics like that to beat nada, he always make effort to play with his forehand on the nada forehand. nada run well, if they dont play varied, tis difficult to beat him

  3. @Ledwix I knew you would come around. Thanks. It was close, but again my whole point is Fed should not make it so close where it depends on a flip of coin. Like I said he should have breadsticked Fish. Because he didn’t, I knew he wasn’t going to win US Open. I blame it on his stupid coach Annacone. He should fire him if he hasn’t already. Fed could have easily beat Djokovic if he kept the ball in play longer to tire Djokovic out. Not in the last set, but from the beginging.Nole is weak.

  4. @dura1mater I’m going to take your word that you said Nadal would win and Fed would surely lose. Essentially your argument is the equivalent of me saying a coin will land on heads, you saying it will land on tails, and then flipping it and getting tails and saying I was “flat out WRONG” and that I should acknowledge your greater knowledge on the subject. Were you just as certain Fed would lose when he had double match point, second serve? Of course not, he had at least some chance to win that..

  5. @Ledwix Stop trying to clean up your mess. YOu’re wrong. Stop being a politician. I’m right. Make a stand for once. Stop playing weatherman with me. Look up my posts and see how I clearly predicted this.

  6. @Ledwix Hey look at my posts. I posted several times everywhere on youtube that Nadal was going to win and that Fed was surely going to lose. Everyone said he looked so good against Fish, blah, blah blah. I said to let a scrub like Fish stick around as long as he did shows you fed’s going lose.

  7. @dura1mater There is simply no way of knowing with certainty who will get the harder draw or which low-ranked player will go on a hot streak, etc., and therefore the favorites are the people who are believed to have the best chance to win, not the people that *have to win or else the people who said they would win are being “idiots”.* Notice how I don’t say “Nadal CANNOT win” or “Fed MUST win,” because I am not irrational like that. To deal in absolutes like this is unjustifiable arrogance.

  8. @dura1mater But to address the result after the fact and claim that I was wrong for saying Federer had a good chance of winning this tournament is truly irrational, given that he was literally one shot away from the final. No one can simply be totally right or wrong when we are making predictions that have undetermined probabilities assigned to them. The only way I am “acting like an idiot” is if I made absolute statements such as “Fed will definitely win this tournament.”

  9. @dura1mater No, once again you show a poor understanding of probability and statistics if this is how you think. You are acting as if Nadal obviously had a 100% chance of winning, then adding the immature personal insults. Look, many players had a shot to win this tournament, and I never ever make any claims like “Fed will definitely win” or “Murray will definitely win.” Instead many players have various chances to win, some more than others.

  10. @Ledwix Still acting like an idiot, huh? Admit that you were one of the ‘experts’ who was flat out WRONG. I told you what was going to happen. I made a lot of money on it also. By the way, why do you repost crap you hear from so called experts. Can’t you think for yourself? Get a brain and start predicting who wins tic tac toe games or something.

  11. The fact that you responded to several people after the fact telling them you were simply right and implying that they were simply wrong shows that you just don’t understand probability and statistics as well as you should. It’s not like Nadal was the 100% favorite and anyone who even said Federer had a good shot at the Open was stupid…he was one shot away from the final as it is. An argument can be legitimately made for either guy to be the favorite coming in; it’s not black-and-white at all.

  12. @dura1mater I’m not acting stupid, just asking you to clarify a strangely ambiguous attempt to rub something in. Of course Federer’s Cincy win gave him confidence; how could you possibly dispute that? And he actually was the favorite to win the Open if you look at many (but of course not all) of the odds makers and analysts’ predictions. He was the six-time finalist and five-time champion.

  13. @Ledwix You know what I’m talking about. Stop acting stupid. You said Fed’s win here gives him confidence and he’s you’re favorite to win. If not him then Murray. Stop playing dumb. I told you from the begining, Fed’s weak cuz he almost lost to scrub boy. And I was right! I also predicted Nadal from the very begining. Read my posts and stop acting surprised.

  14. how i wish that i will watch your games live… but the BIG questions is HOW???
    Hay!!!! life…

  15. @timafi I told you Fish would lose. The guy has legs of twigs. His backhand is flashy at times, but he nets it 4 out 5 times. He’s a fish always being caught in the net. Fish start selling thigh masters or tennis elbow gadgets!

  16. @dura1mater I’m referring to his form in this tourney. bagdatis bt nadal and lost to federer easily. fish lost to federer in 3 sets! that shows that on THIS tourney, fish was playing better than nadal

  17. Some dude made this funny Hitler, Federer, Nadal video lol. Search “Hitler upset with Federer Nadal” on youtube.

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