21 Replies to “Roddick Heckled By Fish In Atlanta”

  1. Roddick is my favourite player and will be hugely missed when he retires. I and all his fans hope he doesn’t retire anytime soon.

  2. @ Jackhammercock. Bet you wish you could erase the words you wrote here. Look who won the title… One thing nobody should ever do… underestimate Andy Roddicks spirit, determination and fight. Long may tennis have him as an ambassador and when he decides its time to retire, the tennis world is going to lose a great entertainer and I for one will miss him.

  3. Andy’s may not be the best player in the world (he was good back in earlier years). But you just can’t help feel sorry for him when he lose a match. He’s such a character (fun and spiky in a nice way) and deserves more respect for what he’s achieved in his career.

  4. Am I the only one who laughed my ass of when he said Sorry I didn’t catched that (after Fish appearance) lol..

  5. He is a pretty funny dude but I cant stand the way he berates the umpires. I doubt he can even win this little 250 tournament in Atlanta. Time to hang it up tool.

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