25 Replies to “Mardy Fish vs Roger Federer”

  1. Fish is at his best this year, and I think, under the right circumstances, that he can beat Nadal, Djokovic AND federer.

  2. @Scoclamor That’s true,but as sad as he might feel,there is no shame in losing to a guy like Federer,Fish played on equal terms for most of the match,just that it’s still hard to close out Fed,that is a mental advantage he has over most players despite his obvious decline,certainly I don’t expect Mardy to win the USO but this performance speaks volumes and should be a major confidence booster,and with his new found fitness could be a test for anyone.

  3. @julius5551 He got a set off Nadal in 2008 US Open as I recall. They should have given him half the trophy today and Fed the other half!

  4. This is definitely the best I have seen Fish play,too bad that sometimes ALL it takes is one brake of serve to lose a match in which he performed so effectively,keep an eye on him at the USO.

  5. @Scoclamor Yes he did. I thought Fish was going to win when he had 30-40 at 4-4 in the second set.

  6. lacking a lot of heart here federer. no interest. just head down at all times thinking negatively.

  7. no need for sarcasm

    at this time in 08 Mardy was playing his best tennis and Roger clearly was not, so Mardy to win shouldnt be any surprise.. maybe the scoreline itself was a bit of a surprise

    but ive always said the men’s game is stronger than its been given credit for .. and players like Mardy Fish on his best day is a reason why

    – it just highlightss what a zone Federer was in from 2004-2007, but it couldnt last forever.

  8. OMG. It’s so obvious Fish is way more talented than Federer. If only he was able to get his head together and tap into that talent on a consistent basis…….OK yeah I’ll just stop the bullshit right now and end this sarcastic rant and just state the simple truth: This match was one of the biggest flukes of all time!

  9. yeah nadal is always roger’s toughest challenge. One thing, roger won french open beating the player that eliminated nadal, so roger practically beat nadal as well. Second, roddick gave roger a hell of a fight in wimbledon. With or without nadal, Federer was going to win those two slams.

  10. note: i said “with the way he’s playing”. since last year, federer has stepped up his game substantially. however, it did help that he did not have to play nadal in either of those finals. once nadal returns, he’s gonna have a tough time winning slams again.

  11. just because of that victory? Tell me, did he win any grand slams or masters titles?

  12. rly? So bad for you that his era has returned actually after winning french and wimbledon this year. And he didnt win them with luck but with majestic style

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