25 Replies to “Mardy Fish vs Rafael Nadal – Highlights & Match point – ATP Masters Cincinnati 2011”

  1. Rakuten Japan Open 2011 Predictions

    Murray will win Rakuten Japan Open 2011 champion.

  2. Poor Fish, I was hoping he’d get the chance to play Federer, but he lost a close one to Tsonga.

    Also, Nadal sucks. Go away Nadal.

  3. WOW! I didn’t know Fish beat Rafa. This is great for him. Hope he goes really deep in the US Open this year

  4. @tennisproderek I like Roddicks playing style he has a great serve and he can defense as well as attack
    eventhough I agree with you .something is special in Fish game

  5. @cj397 Ask Roger what he can do and what Rafa can do…Nadal has a sick feeling for the ball and for the game. He’s always looked down to as a player who just uses force, he has nearly the best feeling there is. The best understanding of the game for sure. Even if you don’t think he has. Playing balls of balance, generating angles and spin… it’s like roberto carlos of tennis.

  6. @Norghul I understand (hell maybe I was too rough on what I said). But please you know that Federer is more talented.

  7. @andsportsify Yes for 5 matches in a row, I’m a very average tennis player but sometimes I just play great and can do stuff that very good tennis players can’t do…. but i’m still not a good tennis player.

  8. @Norghul right. Old player Davydenko can do tactically and also technically things with his racket that even heyday Nadal can’t do.

  9. @MrMadpenguin That’s a very naive comment…. Federer may be technically cleaner, but he isn’t more talented at all. Don’t get me wrong, he is the most brilliant player there is all in all, but also Nadal is tactically and also technically top notch. Try to do what he does, he can do things with his racket that even Federer can’t do.

  10. Fish didnt play bad its true. But Rafa…. apparently lost confidence since he lost his crown to Novak. Hes playing a bit loose …

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