Mardy Fish is back

Mardy Fish is back. He’s ready to give himself one last chance to have a go again.

Nobody knows how long he would be staying. Maybe just a solitary season, maybe two, but, he wants another crack.

It’s that fierce fighter in him which has pushed him to make his way to the place where he actually belongs.

He will be competing in the Indian Wells tournament in one week’s time.

According to Fish, he has to leave the scenes in a much better manner and that’s why, he is returning. He is willing to test himself. If it goes wrong, he would accept it as his fate and walk out, but, if he doesn’t give it a try, he would be cursing himself forever.

Fish sustained heart issues a few years back and that ruined his career. His career was going on pretty good lines until then.

Even after that, Fish tried to get back to the circuit several times, but, his health just did not allow him to do so.

And, it had almost been assumed by the experts that for Fish to be able to play the game again, it was just not a realistic prospect.

But, he backed himself and he has arrived eventually. A lot of people around the world would now be excited to see how he goes in the Indian Wells.

Fish talked to a website yesterday about the come back and how he is feeling to be going to participate in a big tournament after a long time.

In that interview, he said, “I am looking to make it happen one last time and hopefully, this is a successful attempt. As a sportsperson, you always have the desire to finish on a high note and I am no different to that.”