26 Replies to “Mardy Fish hitting in High Definition”

  1. @tennis21000
    Roddick is definitely not the most talented player, but he worked ahrd and thats why he is the player he is.
    He also says himself hes not that much of a natural at ballsports like other pros are… makes him pretty likeable to me

  2. The Sockless Wonder, as a blogger once called him, has a bit of a reputation as an arrogant asshole who treats both fans and opponents like dirt.

    A round of applause for this prick losing all three of his Masters finales!

  3. @cj397 I apologize. I figured you were some dumbass that didn’t know how to spell, or was a fan of neologism ( which is the act of making up words or phrases). Either way I underestimated your intelligence.Your smarter than I gave you credit for.

  4. And Fish DID just that… he’s now 30 pounds lighter and ranked around #21 in the world!

  5. He’s a great player but no offense, he just doesn’t seem as athletic and physically capable as the other top pros.

  6. have you guys noticed that the starting motion of his forehand is pretty fast compared to other players

  7. he needs to build up just about everything. for a big guy you wouldnt say that he’s strong

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