John Isner failed to make any Impact again

Mardy Fish’s compatriot John Isner again failed to make any impact at the Grand Slam level as he was beaten in Round 3 yesterday at Melbourne Park.

Isner will now have to take the long return flight to America a lot earlier than he would have expected.

It’s again his weakness on the return shots which let Isner down. He was fantastic on the serve as he normally happens to be, but, to be able to win matches; you have got to be good enough to break the opponent as well on a consistent basis.

This is always something that Isner has struggled to do. His serving abilities boggles mind, but, when it comes to playing the return shots, he falters.

Yes, his body structure creates a little bit of problem for him. He is way too tall for a tennis player, almost 7 feet. His long arms don’t let him swivel as swiftly as needed at times.

But, there are a lot of players in the world who have some kind of body limitations. Some don’t have as much power as the others. But, you need to find a way.

And, that’s what Isner is not doing. He is a very talented player, no doubt. If he had been lacking talent, there was no way he was going to be in the top 20 in the world rankings, but, his slam record is very poor.

The 29-year old is yet to feature in the Round of 4 in any of the four slams.

He has just had one Slam quarter final appearance so far to his name. Given the number of years that he has spent on the tour, he should have done better than this. However, what’s gone is gone. He is out of the tournament and he would be better off looking forward to the future, but, he must fix his weaknesses sooner rather than later.