Mardy Fish’ countryman John Isner leaves his fans terribly frustrated sometimes. That’s because he promises so much and looks capable enough to beat any player on the planet, but, he somehow finds a way of losing games and getting knocked out of the tournaments.

It’s not that Isner doesn’t win against big players. He does that. During the 2013 season, quite a few of his wins had come against the top 10 players in the world, but, his main problem is that he loses too many matches against the players who are ranked lower than him in the world rankings. The no. of defeats that he suffered against the lower ranked players in the last season is 11; that’s way too many.

The strongest point of Isner’s game is his serve. He just gets his opponents blown away with his aces, but, to become a great player, one needs to be strong in various areas not just one and Isner needs to understand that. His game lacks versatility. If his serve doesn’t go well on a certain day, he just doesn’t seem to have anything else to unsettle his opponent. Yes, his forehand is alright, but, still, that isn’t his strength.

Isner is currently ranked 14th in the world. It’s not the highest position that he has reached in the world rankings so far. He has been in top 10 in the past. At one point of time in the 2012 season, he was the 9th ranked player in the world. He would like to get there again in the upcoming season, but, for that, he will have to make sure that he doesn’t get knocked out from the earlier stages of the tournaments. He needs to make full use of the potential that he has got.