24 Replies to “Best 2012 Tennis Points – Part 2 [HD]”

  1. Nice that you also include great points when there’s no big name playing. That makes such collections more complete.

  2. Hello everyone, please take a few seconds of your time and watch this video. THANKS VERY MUCH …
    All Rafa Nadal’s 13 Grand Slams 2005-2013

  3. Tænker fuldstændig det samme 😀
    Og lige logget ind på sine 20 accounts så han kunne like sin commet 😀

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  5. youtube.com/watch?v=i_BNTPF4mo­Q&feature=c4-overview&playnext­=1&list=TLYuDZja5OCwE THE BEST POINTS OF NADAL

  6. I never said he isn’t. I am just putting out an example of where he wasn’t being classy. There is no need to objectify Roger as a beacon of class. He also has his bad days. That is the same with Novak. I never said he is not cocky, arrogant. He is who he is. No need to shit on someone for being who they are.

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