20 Replies to “Andy Roddick vs Mardy Fish Atlanta 2010”

  1. considering a.rod had a bit of mononucleosis, he was playing ok..moving as well as he could, under the circumstances..

  2. Roddick had mono! And why did he change his FH, it’s way too loopy! Overall he did well though…

  3. @tennisproderek yep he been going bald for about a year, just receeded hairline. not too uncommon with american men in their late 20’s..

  4. @Deadeye287 true, roddick’s FH is actually quite a weapon when hes on top form. he can flatten it, change direction with pace, put whip on it when its time to pass the opponent at the net, etc…but im saying its even now cauz i hardly see roddick in full or partial gear now these days.

  5. @BrotherTree1 fh to fh is kinda a tossup depending on how their both playing wouldn’t you think? Normally roddick is pretty consistent and fish will go for more. If fish is hot then i’ll give the edge to fish but if they’re both hot like Miami 2010 Roddick vs this fish i would honestly give the fh to fh battle the edge to Roddick. Fish has more variety overall i think but Roddick can improvise better than fish. imo of course

  6. @timafi yeah but fish can flatten his ones out too. im pretty sure i saw some huge ones from fish in this vid.

  7. @BrotherTree1 disagree.Fish’s forehand is way loopier than Roddick’s.At least Roddick can flatten his out but again if Fish’s loopy forehand gets to Roddick’s back.Point Fish

  8. @timafi even tho mardys forehand is a little terrible at times – even i think his FH to FH battle with roddick could beat him.

  9. Roddick will never be able to win backhand to backhand rallies with Fish.
    Fish has a better backhand and more variety off that wing.
    Mardy’s approach shots and net game is far superior than Roddick’s

  10. @reefric and he outlasted a draining murray, fish is quickly becoming one of my favorite players, not to mention finally ending his drought against my favorite andy. you gotta give fish credit

  11. @oldtrafford92

    man he lost to simon

    i think he is losing confidence after wimbledon

    I really hope he turns it around

    but lets think positive

    but all i know is he better take 2 days off of tennis after the loss to simon to kinda get his head to together and then he can come strong at toronto

  12. It´s admirable that mardy dropped 30 pound´s and is now fitter than ever, that´s a tremendous effort, on his part..same can be said for andy, who slimmed down as well..

  13. Andy seriously need to get his act together for this coming month. He is in danger in falling to number 10 in the world rankings after Washington 500. He has to win that tourny and hope Verdasco has a bad tourny.

    Apart from that he needs to be more aggressive. How many times have we said that over the years. I wanna see that 2003-2005 forehand.

    He really needs to polish his game,

    RODDICK FOR US OPEN 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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