25 Replies to “07 26 09 Mardy Fish practice with Jessie Levine 002”

  1. @thisislaser you must not have seen mardy recently since he dropped 30
    pounds since september of 2010 and he is now the number one ranked american
    male tennis player.

  2. @odingr this was mardy fish 2 years ago… in 2010 he lost alot of weight
    and got in shape. hes now a great hard court tennis player and is one of
    the best serve n volley players in the atp

  3. @Sen1Sky i agree it looks nice on your link, but it’s also a short ball
    he’s attacking….he prolly had a lot of time to set up for it…and this
    doesn’t happen too often at this level…which brings me back to my
    point…he’s not consistent enough off that wing…maybe not aesthetically
    though ur right about that..

  4. @rucryan you should probably hold off on that since Wilson is coming out
    with a new line call the BLX towards the end of the month. I’m pretty sure
    Fish will be switching rackets and so will my son Matt.

  5. Fish looks like such a scrub with those no-show socks. Like he’s going to
    the beach or something.

  6. @rucryan Fish uses the K Six One 95 16X18 which my son is also using. Oh
    yeah, if you haven’t noticed on my profile picture, Mardy fish is posing
    with my son.

  7. @cj397 I was actually comparing it to a Nadal practice match also featuring
    Robredo. Fish has nice shots, but his movement is just clumsy

  8. @thisislaser Fails? He’s ranked no9 in the world, higher than Roddick. Go
    troll somewhere else.

  9. @Maximagq but the Wilson K Factor six one 95 16×18 is waaaaaay better than
    the BLX, the BLX vibrates a lot more and is stiffer

  10. @abcjc1 wake up dickhead! I am talking about 2011! agassi sampras and all
    the others are mummies right now!

  11. @odingr alrite well if you think american tennis sucks why are you watching
    this right now then?

  12. oh thanks for the advice but i don’t really care about those new
    technologies =P, and because of the blx coming, i could get k 6.1 for ~$150

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