24 Replies to “✖ Tennis star has meltdown, hits ball at crying baby in the stands”

  1. Bollyknickers007, I bet if this had been Serena Williams, she would have been banned, paid millions in fines, fighing a lawsuit, etc and all of the racists would have used words at her, we’ve never heard before. The USA has so many double standards. Only in the USA.

  2. 1158scoot, I wondder if you would state the same if this had been Serena Williams?

  3. Babies, crying fucking everywhere. Don’t bring a baby to a tennis match and DEFINITELY do not bring a baby on a plane because last time I went on a plane a baby cried the whole way behind me. TBPH I felt like blending it in the plane’s propellers.

  4. WHO THE FUCK ALLOWED THE BABY TO TURN UP ANYWAY. FUCK OFF! Same with cinemas, ceremonies etc. What the fuck is that father doing?

  5. This is such a stupid story- he clearly wasn’t trying to hit it anywhere near the baby! Besides, Ferrer is an amazing tennis player- if he wanted to hit the baby, he would’ve done.

  6. What a stupid news story! He didn’t “take aim” at a baby & he didn’t have a “meltdown”. He calmly lobbed a harmless, soon to be souvenir , into the stands that should have sent a message to the stupid parent to TAKE THE BABY OUT. This just shows how irresposible newscasters use images & language to distort reality & inflame emotions, usually concerning more serious topics than tennis.

  7. If I were David I would have ran into the stands, grabbed the baby, and hit an ace with it.

  8. If you can’t shut your kid up…DON’T TAKE THEM TO TENNIS TOURNAMENTS! You know it is a sport where you have to keep absolutely quiet. And you presumably know that you did not raise yor kid well enough to keep them quiet. And a tennis ticket is BY FAR more expensive than a babysitter.

  9. ABC dont gv me that face, Its obvious that he didnt have the intention to hit t baby just making it obvious to t father that babies shud leave t stadium. I like kids but this is important event. Dont believe everything u see on the News nowadays. I hate ABC already :p

  10. His lob was basically telling the father of that baby, ” u better the that thing up” baby’s shouldn’t even be at tennis matches like that :p

  11. The father should have removed the kid from the stands. Even the commentators openly commented on the kid crying.

  12. Seriously!!? He didn’t even try to hit the baby. He just randomly hit the ball toward the audience to show how angry he was… And don’t bring your baby on a Hot day to a tennis game! Sit the fuck home!!!

  13. David Ferrer is KING of tennis and man with a genuine human qualities.This host is much more repulsive because she enrolled in a shoe.

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